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Apostle Nathan Byrd
Apostle Nathan R. Byrd is the founder and visionary leader of JMDM.
He was called to the ministry at the age of 19 under the leadership of his then pastor and older brother, Prophet Daniel H. Byrd. He served the kingdom as an evangelist for 12 years before transitioning to pastor. He then ministered at The Worship Center of St. Albans in Queens, New York as senior pastor for 15 years.
In 2005 he was anointed and elevated to the office of apostle with hands laid on him by Dr. Reuben Timothy of Durban South Africa.
He is the author of 2 books and the visionary leader behind the Issachar Gathering - an annual gathering to discover "What now, what next?" for the body of Christ.
His demanding international ministry has carried him to Thailand, Myanmar, Laos, India, Britain, Zambia, Ghana, South Africa, Kenya, Ethiopia, Ivory Coast, Tanzania, Cameroon, Nigeria, Mexico, Canada, Colombia, Brazil and various Caribbean islands.
He also spent 20 years in a career in finance on Wall St.
He has been called New York's best kept secret!  He is indeed one of the most gifted and anointed vessels of our times.
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