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40 Days to Change Your Mind
Unlocking the Spirit-Man Within
Shmita Year 5775
The Spirit of Excellence
The Power of Expectation


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Passover to Pentecost
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The Key of David Unveiled!
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40 Days to Change Your Mind

Since Passover 2018 we have been making the journey towards Pentecost each and every Saturday in worship. The children of Israel were invited to make a 40 day journey to a land that "flowed with milk and honey" yet they could not seem to wrap their minds around such a phenomenal change of life. YHWH was fully expecting them to make the transition in a hurry so that their old mindset would not contaminate their new environment. Instead, Israel turned a 40 day journey into a 40 year saga.

Unlocking the Spirit-Man Within

The month of March has launched TWC-NYC into another dimension of awareness. Unlocking the Spirit-Man Within has been revolutionary.

1 Thessalonians 5:23 makes it very clear that we are three dimensional beings and this clearly reflects Elohim himself in the 3 in 1 embodiment. Genesis 1:26 comes alive in light of this vantage point as we were made in His likeness and image. Viewing ourselves from these three perspectives becomes paramount in how we worship, function and interact with others in the earth realm.

Shmita Year 5775

During the month of January (the 13th month of 36 Months of Manifestation) I was made aware of an incredible Hebraic (scriptural) ordinance by the Holy Spirit. We are in the midst of The 7th Year Sabbath or the Shmita Year 5775 in the Hebrew calendar.

According to Deuteronomy 15:1-6 (one of many other scriptures) the announces a year of release to the people of G-d. A year that He will provide for His people and they will rest, relax, and be released from debt. It is a Sabbath that must be observed as a part of their trust and faith in Him.

The Spirit of Excellence

In this the 9th month of our 36 Months of Manifestation the Holy Spirit has given me the fruit of "excellence" as our focus for the month.
Daniel 6:1-3 speaks of the excellent spirit that Daniel possessed. His spirit of excellence distinguished him in such a way that Darius thought to set him above all of the realm. This spirit of excellence is the key to extraordinary living and participation in the kingdom (natural and spiritual).
I believe Daniel may have been influenced by Josiah's desire to bring excellence back to worship.

The Power of Expectation

In Romans 4 beginning at 13 the apostle Paul takes some time to describe the posture of Abraham as it related to the "promise" of being the father of many nations. In this portion of his writings, Paul contrast the law and the righteousness of faith in a way that helps us to understand that Abraham (who preceded the Law) attained the promise by faith and not by meeting the requirements of the law.
When Abraham was challenged by YHWH to believe that he and Sarah would bear a child, all of the natural circumstances were against that reality.

Moving from Manna to Maturity

During the month of July the Holy Spirit has directed us to concentrate our efforts and energy toward the fruit of maturity. We are in the 7th month of our 36 months of manifestation and each month we have an expectation that we will bear a different fruit. (Rev. 22:2)
With our focus on maturity we need to establish first that it is not an implication of immaturity but rather an expectation of further maturity. Maturity must be understood as complete growth, full development in body and mind, perfected, (and my favorite) having little or no potential for further growth or expansion.

The Future of Worship Pt. 1

On that day I will raise up the tabernacle of David, which has fallen down... Amos 9:11
This profound and prophetic verse hidden in the Old Testament will now be recognized as one of the most important scriptures in the next shift in corporate worship. Though we don't perceive it prominently, worship is presently being overhauled and will be shifting into a completely new and more authentic expression. In the last decade we have seen churches subtly and dramatically change how they worship.

The Key of David Unveiled #2

1 Samuel 16:18 says, "Look I have seen a son of Jesse the Bethlehemite, who is skillful in playing, a mighty man of valor, a man of war, prudent in speech, and a handsome person: and the Lord is with him...
In the unveiling of the key of David I discovered the unveiling of "destiny" in the life of David. This verse highlights 5 things that need to be considered as it relates to the key of David being released in your life.
1) David was "skilled" at playing the his harp. This means that David took the time behind the scenes when no one was watching or paying attention to him to excel in his craft.

The Key of David Unveiled

On my recent trip to Myanmar while in my hotel room one afternoon I was asking the Lord to give me an anointing to breakthrough to the people at the conference in a powerful and meaningful way. I heard these words come into my spirit immediately. "You need the key of David." Though I had never studied the key of David, I do recall hearing the phrase before.
I immediately went to my ipad to research what this was about, and to my surprise there is only two passages of scripture that speak of the key of David.

Night Vision

Two weeks ago I shared this message at The Worship Center - NYC from Nehemiah 2:11-20 called "Night Vision."
As I was meditating on the value of vision as it relates to our world, it occurred to me that we don't just need vision, we need the ability to see when we are in a dark place and we need to perceive when others cannot see.
God reminded me that two years ago just before Jan. 2012, He spoke a word to me regarding the two year season we were entering. I recall that season as being very unpleasant and difficult for believers to get through.
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