Don't Let Anything Break Your Fellowship
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Don't Let Anything Break Your Fellowship

Job chapters 1 & 2 documents some of the most horrific experiences ever endured by a human being, period. None of us are able to imagine what it must have felt like to endure multiple tragedies within a 24 hour period as Job did. Yet, we must recognize that a few peculiar things about that story that should be overwhelmingly encouraging to us today.
The first is the proper understanding and interpretation of the negative that happens in our lives from time to time. Job was not the object of G-d's humor. In fact, G-d had bragged on Job and caused the enemy to ask for access to him within certain boundaries. What this means to us is that more times than not, it is not simply the rampant outrage of the enemy that causes things to go awry. It could very well be the hand of the Lord allowing you to be challenged because He is so confident in the relationship that you share with Him.
The second is that we should be careful to remember what the enemy is trying to accomplish when we are under duress. Just as in the garden with Adam and Eve his goal was to get them to break their fellowship with G-d more than it was to get them to sin. Obviously, sin will often be the conduit to dismantling the fellowship but the enemy knows that there is already a remedy for sin; therefore the greater goal is to get you and I to willfully break fellowship with our Father. Satan is, was, and will always be jealous over that relationship, therefore he is always driven to destroy it. So what he was really trying to do with Job was get him to break the fellowship with G-d because his life had taken a turn for the worse.
The most profound part about the opening of the story is that Job never sins with his lips or charges G-d foolishly. Instead, Job intensifies the fellowship by going to another level of worship in the midst of his pain. This is extraordinary!
Lastly, Job's wife becomes the last ditch effort of Satan to try to get this guy to quit on G-d. Remember, it is typically the one closet to you who will try to dissuade you from your integrity. The reason for this attempt is simple. The one closest to you can use soul tie of that relationship to try to get you to break the other relationship. Listen to the words of this foolish woman, "Curse G-d and die!" In other words, "break you fellowship with G-d and keep your fellowship with me."
Well...the good thing is that Job didn't heed to her voice and we never hear another thing about his wife after that. Don't let anything break your fellowship!

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I won't let anything to break it. I really appreciate this fellowship.
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