The Ministry of the Forerunner
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The Ministry of the Forerunner

The Ministry (the Spirit) of the Forerunner
Luke 1:13-17; Matthew 11:12-14 (Malachi 3:1 & 4:5,6)
To be alive in the generation that experienced the transition of a millennium is a unique privilege. There are only a few people that get to see this and even fewer who understand it. 2 Peter 3:8 says that a day is as a thousand years and a thousand years as a day in the Lord. This means that we who are alive at this time experienced the dawning of a new day at the change of the millennium. In fact, we experienced the beginning of the third day since Christ and we know that according to biblical history that YHWH always moves on the third day. With this in mind we must consider the ministry of the forerunner as the most important posture of ministry for this season. The forerunner is one who prepares the way, and knowing the time in which we live we must see this spirit of this ministry emerge now!
Consider Noah the forerunner to a new move of G-d. He preached during the height of the moral breakdown of society. He was ridiculed and thought of as having lost his mind to predict "rain" when it had never rained before. Yet for 100 years he was consistent and convinced that G-d was going to do something He had never done before and he was the forerunner to prepare the way.
God always raises a forerunner at the worse times in human history. Look closely at our political turmoil, global unrest, economic manipulation, and social decline; it's time for forerunners to emerge and prepare the way for the Lord.
The ministry of John the Baptist was just that, the ministry of the forerunner. He would turn Israel back to the Lord their G-d. What a statement! That's just like saying, its time for the church to turn back to G-d! How did the church stop looking to G-d in the first place? This should concern anyone who is a part of the body of Christ. How did I lose my way while being a part of the church? Someone tell me what has happened to the church?
It also says that John would go in the spirit and power of Elijah! This is what is needed in this season. We don't see the spirit of Elijah. The spirit of power, confidence, and conviction against the vast majorities that have chosen to oppose our G-d. This conviction turns the fathers back to their children, shifts the disobedient to wisdom, makes a people ready to receive the Lord.
Think about how many of your church activities prepares you (the bride) to meet the Lord (the groom). We do so many things in the church that have nothing to do with preparation for the great day of the Lord. The bride must begin to pay attention to the details of preparation and be ready to meet the Groom when He makes His sudden appearance in His temple.
Elijah was defiant in the face of Ahab and said it's not going to rain until I say so! He was convinced on Mt. Carmel that fire would fall from heaven as soon as he prayed. The ministry of Elijah (and John) was short but mighty in convicting a people of the true and living G-d and preparing a way for the King.
In the day in which we live we need the spirit of Elijah and the mantle of the forerunner to fall on us to effectively minister to an immoral, disobedient and godless generation. We need the Lord to "come" to His temple (Mal. 3:1) suddenly and restore the glory and majesty of worship.
Jesus says in Matthew 11 that the kingdom was introduced "from the days of John," this is important because just as with Noah, the forerunner must introduce something that has never been experienced before. The forerunner doesn't play the game, he changes the game! The forerunner must be gutsy! The forerunner must be willing to be alone, a fish out of water, a stranger in a familiar land; the forerunner must be able to handle ridicule and contempt. However, the forerunner is so convinced of the coming move of G-d that nothing deters him/her because they know they are preparing a new way!
Finally, Jesus says in Matthew 11:14, "if you are willing to receive it" then this is the Elijah of your day. God give us the spirit of Elijah so that we may prepare a way for the new thing that you will do....and now it shall spring forth!!!
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Paul Jack on Saturday, June 02, 2018 3:40 AM
Lovely post! You are providing us something very interesting to read.
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australianwritings .com review on Tuesday, June 26, 2018 10:38 AM
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