The Future of Worship Pt. 1
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The Future of Worship Pt. 1

On that day I will raise up the tabernacle of David, which has fallen down... Amos 9:11
This profound and prophetic verse hidden in the Old Testament will now be recognized as one of the most important scriptures in the next shift in corporate worship. Though we don't perceive it prominently, worship is presently being overhauled and will be shifting into a completely new and more authentic expression. In the last decade we have seen churches subtly and dramatically change how they worship. Some churches have fostered a compromise of traditional and contemporary worship styles at different times. Others have embraced the seeker friendly stage and lights approach. Still others have determined to maintain some traditions while updating the presentation and adding more energy. Churches everywhere are trying not to become more relevant by ensuring that the technological and aesthetic modernity is found in their worship experience so as to attract the new generation with things that they can identify with. However, in most cases non of these things are causing G-d to be the focus nor are we causing the atmosphere to be divinely infused with His presence.
My concern is that we are not aware of the season that we are moving into and what must be done in order to host the Presence of the Almighty. As I write you today I am convinced that we are at the end of a 500 year era of time. Scripturally speaking, though we don't recognize it, there are many 500's that can be interpreted in the same way. In particular, the two that stand out are the Mosaic tabernacle era and the Temple (Solomon's) era. Both of these represent a season and era of a particular type of corporate worship in Israel's history. As great as those eras are, G-d does not say that He will raise up one of these eras again in the last days, He says that He will raise up the very short and unrecognized era of David's tabernacle and restore it as in the days of old! Amazing!
As I mapped out the last 500 years of modern Christian history I found it amazing that almost 500 years ago Martin Luther was instrumental in the last monumental shift to hit the church. This means that all of what has come out of that last move is about to be discarded for an even greater move to be revealed. This next move can be reconciled in the context of Amos 9:11 which is also quoted in Acts 15:15, that the attributes, the qualities, and the authenticity of that Davidic worship is about to be renewed by YWHW himself in the days of our lives...expect everything to CHANGE!

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Comments RSS review on Thursday, June 07, 2018 8:12 AM
This is the great information about the Key of David Unveiled. You have shared the great info with us and I appreciate your work as well.
Reply to comment on Monday, January 07, 2019 4:03 AM
Worshiping is a practice that has been with humanity for so long now. Ever since the concept of God was introduced, we have never destroyed the idea of religion. I think that worshiping is a great thing. I believe that because of worshiping God, many people have learned to ease up some of the pain. Some use worship as a means to find meaning to the things that are happening to them, and I see this a something that is special.

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Our faith should be strong and constant. But I agree that the Church of whatever religion or sect has to evolve to in order to attract new believers and keep up with the times. In the Roman Catholic faith, churches have adopted technology to conduct mass more orderly and efficiently. Churches have put up big screens where people can read the responsorial Psalm and the lyrics of the church songs. Churches and dioceses also have social media pages. But that as far as the church has gone in terms of technology adoption. There has to be a balance between tradition and modernity as so many things that made the Catholic faith unique could get lost.
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I am very conscious about Churches everywhere are trying not to become more relevant by ensuring that the technological and aesthetic modernity is found in their worship experience that was a really good post thanks for the sharing this...
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