Moving from Manna to Maturity
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Moving from Manna to Maturity

During the month of July the Holy Spirit has directed us to concentrate our efforts and energy toward the fruit of maturity. We are in the 7th month of our 36 months of manifestation and each month we have an expectation that we will bear a different fruit. (Rev. 22:2)
With our focus on maturity we need to establish first that it is not an implication of immaturity but rather an expectation of further maturity. Maturity must be understood as complete growth, full development in body and mind, perfected, (and my favorite) having little or no potential for further growth or expansion. These definitions help us to see that as long as we are alive we possess opportunity for maturity.
In Joshua 5:12, it is clearly stated that after the children of Israel tasted the "produce" of that land on the next day the "manna" ceased. This was an amazing transition for the people of G-d in that day and time. It made it clear to this group that YHWH was taking them into a new dimension of their existence.
Now let's focus on the implications of this new dimension. Firstly, the manna era represents YHWH providing and doing for them things that they could actually do for themselves. It also eliminated their need to be actively engaged in their daily provision. It implicates a purely dependent posture, it promoted comfort and kept them in a master/slave type relationship similar to the mindset of Egypt. This kind of provision over time would perpetuate immaturity. Since the Lord designated Israel to be a nation of kings and priests there is no way that this kind of provision could continue forever.
In light of this Joshua is commanded to circumcise the men "again" and this is a clear sign that there will be a mandate of maturity coming upon Israel. The circumcision of adult men will surely identify their level of maturity and reveal their commitment to YHWH and to Joshua. If their focus is on pain and they are looking for pity they will be exempt from the promise. If their focus is on covenant they will override their condition and move forward to Canaan.
Upon arriving at Canaan's border they immediately tasted their new life and their new dimension of living, this exposure encourages maturity. Once they experience life at this level they will never go back to the manna. However, this also means that they will be responsible and take ownership for their daily provision, for their territory and for their future. This is the beginning of maturity!
It's time for saints everywhere to move to this new dimension of living. We need to stop bothering G-d about things He has given us the power to handle. When we dispose of the master/slave relationship we will embrace the Father/son relationship and begin to manage the Father's resources as a son should.
It's time to move from that adolescent state of manna to that fully expanded place of maturity and change our world with the power of Him who dwells within.

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lumpy on Sunday, November 25, 2018 11:12 PM
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