The Power of Expectation
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The Power of Expectation


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The Power of Expectation

In Romans 4 beginning at 13 the apostle Paul takes some time to describe the posture of Abraham as it related to the "promise" of being the father of many nations. In this portion of his writings, Paul contrast the law and the righteousness of faith in a way that helps us to understand that Abraham (who preceded the Law) attained the promise by faith and not by meeting the requirements of the law.
When Abraham was challenged by YHWH to believe that he and Sarah would bear a child, all of the natural circumstances were against that reality. However, the Bible emphasizes that "contrary to hope, he believed in hope" so that the very thing G-d said would happen did in fact happen.
Abraham was an example to us of how to hope when hope seems hopeless. "Contrary to hope" speaks of the natural circumstances that conflicted with the word of promise. "Believing in hope" represents the ability to hope because of what G-d said. When we hear a word from the Lord, it is incumbent upon us to immediately move into expectancy if we are going to receive the manifestation of the promise. When the natural seems hopeless, our only hope is that G-d said it and therefore He will perform it. The power to expect with this conviction is the only way to transcend natural circumstances and maintain the continuity of your faith.
At 100 years old (and Sarah 90 years old) Abraham had to consciously overcome the reality of the deadness of Sarah's womb. Remember, Abraham at this point is not struggling with the seed, he is struggling with the soil. He knows that he can produce based upon his experience with Hagar. The challenge now is with the womb of Sarah. This is exactly where the church (bride of Christ) is today. Jesus is fully confident about the seed that He is sowing in the church, the problem is with the soil that the seed is being deposited into. The body of Christ has to begin to look at it's soil and see why it is not capable of holding the seed?
The main reason why Sarah can't hold the seed is because she has stopped ovulating and until she begins to ovulate again, the womb is not capable of reproduction. So Abraham has to begin to speak the word of promise to Sarah. This "word" is real, physical and tangible in that it must produce expectation and thereby induce ovulation in Sarah if she is going to bear fruit.
So Abraham must repeat in the ear-gate of Sarah morning, noon, and night..."Sarah we are going to have a baby" until her inner-man receives it and begins to manifest belief with the sign of ovulation. As soon as Sarah feels her cycle has returned she knows immediately that she is capable of having a child; even before she gets pregnant.
You must expect and believe against all odds that the things that G-d has released into your spirit, your inner-man; your word of promise must and will come to pass in spite of the surrounding facts. Your expectation is powerful and life changing!
May this word of promise and expectation come alive in you to the point that you begin to move into a cycle that allows you to know that you can produce whatever G-d has promised you!

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Comments RSS on Thursday, June 07, 2018 8:34 AM
Expectations of our all work give the power of illumination the reality that we have to want on. Ponders about the all huddle things make my expectations scarce and I stop to do work that is detaching me on my path.
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bestessays on Thursday, January 17, 2019 11:47 PM
When we ask God for something, expect Him to answer our prayers. Expectation shows that we have faith in God, we believe Him even though we feel like it's impossible. Sometimes, God promisesĀ us something extraordinary like Sarah, He promised Sarah that she will have a son at the age 90 years old, for our own understanding it is impossible to happen, but for Sarah she expects that God will make it happen. God is supernatural, we have a lot to expect in God, He just asks us to believe in Him. Thanks you for posting such a beautiful blog, it really helps my understanding grow and so is my spirit.

ewrer on Thursday, June 28, 2018 4:48 AM
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buy essay on Friday, June 29, 2018 1:51 AM
God has set us wonderful moments in our lives, we should only trust and believe in Him. We have our own plans and objectives that we want to achieve, but there are instances that it won't go how we expect it to be. There are also situations wherein we lose hope in everything and start to believe that there are no chances anymore. What we don't know is, these are only trials that are to be conquered and to expect more challenges in life. These moments are tests of faith, and with these battles, building a relationship with God is powerful because He is our source of strength that will make all things possible.
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professional essay writers uk on Monday, October 29, 2018 3:22 AM
Have you ever wished for something but the chances of it happening is impossible? But your wish came true anyway. We can this miracle. This is partly true because it is God at work. To whom can be attribute the things that have happened despite the odds? Prayer is powerful. When we feel helpless and hopeless, we often turn to prayer. God hears our prayers and grants our wishes according to his will.
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987 on Tuesday, December 18, 2018 6:44 AM
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