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Shmita Year 5775

During the month of January (the 13th month of 36 Months of Manifestation) I was made aware of an incredible Hebraic (scriptural) ordinance by the Holy Spirit. We are in the midst of The 7th Year Sabbath or the Shmita Year 5775 in the Hebrew calendar.

According to Deuteronomy 15:1-6 (one of many other scriptures) the announces a year of release to the people of G-d. A year that He will provide for His people and they will rest, relax, and be released from debt. It is a Sabbath that must be observed as a part of their trust and faith in Him.

As I shared this precept with TWC-NYC during the month of February, I combined it with the Hebrews 3:7-4:10 passage which deals with the "rest" that remains for the people of G-d. This insight is far more powerful than we could ever imagine in the realm of the kingdom.

In our over-achieving culture that is inundated with technology and amusement, we very seldom if ever give ourselves a true rest. Vacations are not enough and sleeping at night doesn't even scratch the surface. There remains a rest for the people of G-d! YHWH has announced a year of rest, relaxation and release for His people in this season and we have but one obligation to this announcement and that is to respond, "OK!"

Do not take lightly the command from heaven to acknowledge this 7th Year Sabbath. It is offensive to G-d to ignore it and continue in your own efforts. According to the Hebrews passage, their unbelief equated to an evil heart. This suggest that unbelief is so offensive to the Father that it could/will disqualify you from the promise. The fact of the matter is that we should be enjoying the most prosperous and bountiful season imaginable right now. We should be walking in the assurance  of His word and resting in delight as He proves His word over and over again. Remember, according to Isaiah 55 His ways are not our ways and His thoughts are not our thoughts. There is no greater time to see the manifestation of that word than right now.

I encourage you who read this blog not to take lightly the ramifications of ignoring the Shmita Year. The release can shift from being a blessing to a curse. You can be on the receiving end or on the requiring end of the season. Be careful to note the difference around you and in the events around the globe. The Lord demands His Sabbath or the Sabbath will be required of you.

Enjoy the Shmita Year and receive the economic impact of walking in obedience.


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That is why remember the Sabbath day is on the 10 commandments because God wants us to know the life and teachings of Jesus Christ. Going to church every Sunday has become part of my life and my family. This has become my way to distress for all the problems because God was always there to help me. Every time I feel like I am in a dark place he is always the light in my world.

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